We cultivate confidence in every child we meet so they can IMAGINE, BELIEVE, EXPLORE and ACHIEVE in their own way.

At SHA, we work with full enthusiasm to find, develop and utilise our students’ personal style, to enhance their learning.We encourage and help children to explore and be confident in taking ownership while having fun. We focus on empowering young persons through the learning process, encourage young minds to be entrepreneurs and to follow their dreams.We are mindful that education is not just about reading and writing,  but also about developing well-rounded individuals, able to reason independently, think critically and be of benefit to themselves and society.

We’re About The Little People…


Qualified, experienced, DBS checked and familiar with the national curriculum.


We focus on empowering young minds to be entrepreneurs and to follow their dreams.


7+, 11+, 13+, SATs, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4. We prepare students for Grammar and private schools. English and Maths skills for adult. Yoga for children and adult.


Cultural events, outdoor activities, holiday camps, birthday parties.


Very helpful and friendly

Heena is a excellent person…she suggested me a very good tutor for my son n she helped me a lot..Thanku heena

Tripta rathore

Mrs. Francis is an amazing

Mrs. Francis is an amazing tutor.

I love her calmness to teaching and how she involves the kids in building their grammer and being confident in expressing themselves.

I wish I had meet her a year ago as I know she would have helped my older daughter tremendously with her grammer.

I intend to use her services whenever I can for my daughters as I know she’ll be of great value to their improvement.

I will highly recommend her.

Barbara Adegbenro

Heena understands our children’s needs

Heena has made Maths enjoyable for my children who were very tentative when it came to the subject.
Heena has a good understanding of each individuals strength and weaknesses and caters to make them confident in these areas.
My children come out of each lesson very happy and eager to share their new knowledge.
Heena makes them feel comfortable and makes the lessons very fun.
We intend to carry on with for a long time.

Hamid Aziz

Heena is an excellent tutor!

Heena is an excellent tutor!

Not only did she help my younger daughter to improve in her mathematics and English, she also helped my second daughter in some topics she did not understand for her 11+ Mathematics.

Her drive in tutoring is focused more on seeing the kids excel and push themselves further.

Her personal touch to tutoring is amazing. The kids are very comfortable around her, she makes teaching very interesting for them.

She constantly advices on how to help the kids improve on certain areas. She is very lovely and patience. Easy to understand.

I would highly recommend booking a session with her!

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